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Sweating in the agreeable warmth of a sauna give new energies and regenerates body, mind and spirit! Chromo therapy, harmonious sounds and delicate fragrances are the perfect elements for a pleasant sauna. Through the dry heat, which is created in the sauna, the body reacts activating the immune system, dilating the blood vessels, reinforcing the cardiovascular system and slackening the muscles. After an active day in the mountains of South Tyrol there is nothing better than an invigorating sauna. Almost all the mountain populations, from the America of the North to the Himalaya, know the rite of the sauna as a way to purify the body. The origin of this Finnish national sport goes up probably to the prehistoric epoch, but the sauna is still famous today like thousands of years ago.


We offer:

  • Finnish sauna
  • Bio sauna
  • Steamroom
  • Family sauna


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